G Suite for Edu

The apps listed here are commonly use in classrooms. Although this list does not include every app, it's a good start for new and intermediate users.

Gmail (and Contacts) app link

  • The two most important features are filters and labels. 
    • Labels group emails and are now used to create contact groups in the contacts app. You may be familiar with labels in Keep, which uses them to organize notes. 
    • Why labels and not folders? Multiple labels can be applied to an email (same as Keep).

Calendar app link

  • Most digital calendars can do the same basic things: import export data from other calendars, include multiple calendars in one app (or viewer), and they can be shared directly or embedded into a site.

YouTube app link

  • YouTube is the second largest search engine. Video hours of uploads per month are about the length of the Han Dynasty (about 400 years). If there's a problem, someone has made a video about it.
  • Suggested classroom activities include making playlists, tutorial videos, student presentations, interactive videos (including cards, survey questions, or clickable annotations). 

News app link

Link Shortener app link

Translate app link

Classroom app link

Docs app link

Drive app link

Slides app link

Sheets app link

Forms app link

Drawing app link

My Maps (and Maps) app link

Blogger app link

Sites (old) app link New Sites app link

Keep app link

Hangouts app link