Chunking Content With Google Slides Video Options

Long videos can be boring. Even though kids ask me for movies, they tune in and out. A long video strategically chunked, however, can open up new opportunities for student engagement. 

My colleagues are great. We collaborate routinely and share resources like videos and questions that follow. I often shy away from these activities because of the length of the videos, but this time I tried to think of a way to chunk the video.

In the past, I used YouTube links that start at a certain time code, but that didn't solve my problem of needing to stop the videos. 

Recently, I remembered hat the new Google Slides video options allow users to determine where a video will start and stop. Here's what I did.

Google Slides I used in the video

Make a copy and check it out.

1. Choose Slide

2. Insert Video

3. Video Options 

4. Present