From Old PowerPoints to eLearning With iSpring

Most people can find their way around Word, PowerPoint, and email. For many users, making websites, building courses in an LMS, or even sharing links on Google Classroom seems intimidating. But new kids are coming through the doors every year in the age of the connected classroom, so teachers find ways to integrate new tools.

One of the best places to start integration is by considering how you may want use your old materials in a new way. Take, for example, your PPT or other slide presentations. Consider using them as a foundation for integrating assessment, video, audio, interactive images, discussions, and much more. I recently found iSpring, and it does all of those and more.

The thing that impressed me most about iSpring was the ability to bring together so many learning tools that I have already created over the years. This is an invaluable opportunity for teachers who want to build on what they've been doing, not start over with new technology.

I was most interested in the variety of assessments iSpring provides as well as the ability to embed content from sites like Quizlet. The following videos show how simple it can be to make interactive quizzes and embed content into PPT presentations.

Inserting Quizzes Into PPT

Embedding Quizlet Into PPT

Tutorials From iSpring

The tutorials on YouTube are fantastic. Here's a playlist on the quiz maker.

What's Next?

Online courses are going to be offered at increasing rates over the next ten years or so. The nice thing about iSpring is that you can enhance your face-to-face materials and later use them to add content to an elearning course.

iSpring is addressing the frustration of remaking too many content pieces to adjust to changing trends in workflow. In other words, this software concept has a long shelf life.