5 Subject-Specific Ideas For Using Google Forms

Last year, my professional goal was to make image analysis more routine in our classroom. I learned that Google Forms was the best tool in my box to collect student responses. Adding images was quick and easy, and there are few options.  

Although images are often used as a stimulus to a question, Forms allows us to use them as answer choices. The following ideas explore possible applications of images as answer choices. 

Since I usually share the work my high school history students are doing, I wanted to change it up and share ideas for a variety of subjects and levels. Please share your ideas in the comments below to add to the discussion. 

This stuff can be as simple or complex as you want it to be.

1. Math 

Which image shows the correct outcome? Show different images of lines graphed on a plane. Ask students to choose the correct line graph based on a given equation. 

2. Physics (Advanced) 

Let's say your students are calculating tension on a cable that's holding a weight, like on a crane. Show images with various distances labeled, and ask students to choose the right one relative to a given pivot, for example.

3. Biology 

Show four images of birds (sparrow, crow, chicken, penguin). Ask students to choose the bird that is least like the other three.

4. Social Studies 

Present a problem that requires students to select the thematic map that would would provide the most useful information. For example, if a problem requires information about public ownership of land, a map showing where parks are located in the United States would provide useful information. The example below ask for the two maps needed to gather information on wages and resources. 

5. ELA 

Relating paintings and other images of art from the same period as a literary piece is an easy way to stimulate thought. For younger grade levels, provide descriptions of things or scenes, and ask them to choose the image that best fits the description. Use a form to assess students retelling stories by selecting images related to a missing chunk of text.   

Please share your ideas in the comments below.