Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Vlog Ep 1: Finding Missing Voice

I started a vlog.

After blogging consistently for about two and a half years, I wanted to do more. I wanted to share more. The goal with this vlog is to be a bit vulnerable in the sense that it is not scripted and I will likely share more stories that inspire me than the ins and outs of integrating technology.

In the first episode, I introduce this project and get right into my experience at MassCUE16. The story that I tell is about making adjustments on the fly to my presentation because of the conference scheduling conflicts that I did not foresee.

More importantly, Episode 1 highlights the fact that reflecting on the process reveals some of the most important lessons. The lesson I learned was from a story that came to mind while presenting at the conference. It pours out my struggle during my earliest awareness of student voice, especially the missing ones that literally kept me up at night.

The title of the first episode is appropriate in more ways than one, for I've found a voice in this vlog.

1 comment:

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