20 Assignments For This Year's Homework Menu

Homework sucks. Kids have too much. There comes a point at which adults have to be honest with themselves. Some educators realize that homework is helpful for some students, not all. Others realize that some homework, not hours, is helpful each night.

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The problem with most homework research is that it provides little to no evidence that homework leads to achievement gains. However, providing practice does lead to achievement gains. Practice, in it's most common worksheet / textbook form, doesn't have to be done at home. Then what should be done at home, if anything?

I want my students doing assignments that engage them, not to increase the workload as to give the impression that standards are high. That's nonsense. High standards come from other places.

Try some of these items on the homework menu, and come up with new ones. Share your ideas in the comments. I love learning about new assignments and activities.

  1. blog post 150-300 words
  2. Twitter video 30 secs #HistoryIn30
  3. online journal in ePortfolio
  4. Make a YouTube playlist of 10 videos on a topic (write description / annotations)
  5. Current events on Today's Meet
  6. Response to essential question on Classroom
  7. Study / practice Quizlet
  8. Skim a section in the textbook, outline for 15 minutes (Docs)
  9. Make a map (Google My Maps, Drawing, or other)
  10. Timetoast
  11. Historical thinking skills -- write questions that are comparative, CCOT, periodization, causation
  12. Verso App discussion
  13. Crossword Puzzles / Word Searches
  14. Comic strip
  15. Photo essay (5 images, write captions)
  16. I used to think ... Now I think ...
  17. Classroom connections (find other classes, what do they do)
  18. Write questions (5 questions that you raise about the content)
  19. Keep a vlog of reflections on what you're learning (post description, too)
  20. DocsTeach activity

You may have noticed that a few of these go well with several others on the list. Try new things. Make new connections. Think differently about the world because of the work you do.