#HistoryIn30 | Video Response Twitter Slow Chat

Around this time last year, George Couros (@gcouros) started a weekly video response slow chat under the hashtag #EduIn30. I loved the idea and participated almost every week.

I found myself having to really choose what to say and what to leave out because using video exposed my weaknesses as a speaker (I didn't post the worst ones). This led to a greater fluency while speaking in front of groups. It was this personal growth that I wanted others, especially my students, to experience. It reminded me of oral presentations, only more efficient for improvement.  

I call it #HistoryIn30. Like #EduIn30, this slow chat has weekly topics for about 10-15 weeks. Each response is dual tagged with #HistoryIn30 and the weekly hashtag #HistoryIn30w1, for example. The dual tags will help with organization as the week's carry on.

Question Tweet

Response Tweet

Who can participate?

This slow chat is not limited to educators. I originally thought it would be great for kids either with a classroom Twitter account or a teenager's personal account (check no photo, no video lists, of course). 

Furthermore, it does not always have to be a response to the weekly slow chat. Just use the single hashtag #HistoryIn30 for random shares and reflections on new ideas, student work, or anything related to history, teaching, or learning.

Why #HistoryIn30?

Video communication brings a new level of connection to our professional development and our classrooms. Let's get connected and dissolve the walls among us.