Make a Jeopardy Template With Google Slides

I remember the first Jeopardy Power Point that I used with my geography students. They loved it, and I thought it was nothing short of modern wizardry.

Click here for link to make a copy of the Google Slides Jeopardy template.

My life now resides in Googleland where I have more chops these days, so I made a template for Jeopardy games. It's not fancy, but it will facilitate the fundamental flow and could easily be improved. 

Here's what I did.

1. Lay out a few slides.

I started with a title, table, and five topic 1 slides. Later, these topic slides will be copied and pasted to set up the next four topics.

2. Insert a table for topics.

This is the Jeopardy board. It's a 5 column by 6 row table. It contains the topics in columns and the dollar amounts are links to the question and answer slides.

3. Insert a link back to the topic table.

Before you copy the five topic slides and paste them to complete the topic slides, insert a link back to the table to facilitate the flow of the game.

4. Make slides for the the topics.

Use the shift or control key to select all five of the topic 1 slides, and paste them four times. 

5. Find and replace. 

Replace all of the topic with the appropriate numbers.

6. Link the table values to slides.

Link the table values to the slides by selecting the value and inserting a link to the corresponding slide.

7. Test your work.

Notice that the answer is animated. I forgot to mention that step – easy enough, though.

➡️ Click here for a copy you can edit.

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