Video Chat in Seconds with

It's a lot of work organizing your resume, applying for jobs, and doing interviews. It's even harder to do it from a distance. So when I heard from two schools in Massachusetts that were willing to video conference, I was ecstatic.

Last week, I was in Texas presenting at a technology conference and loading our moving truck. Although I was pleased to hear that I got the two video interviews, I was put off when I found out that one of them would use a new app that I had never heard about.

"Not another app!" At what point do we draw the line and say, "We have all that we need." 

My curiosity was far more powerful than my frustration, so I had to check it out. It was called and it was amazing.

1. Go to

2. Claim Your URL

Add your personal touch by securing a custom URL. It's quick, easy to share, and professional.  

3. Invite People

Up to eight people can join in video conversation.

4. Lock Room

Don't want unexpected visitors? Lock your room so those seeking to chat have to knock to gain entrance.


Although it is not required, allows users to follow your room.

6. Room Keys

This is another useful features if you wish to control who can enter your room. It's as simple as entering email addresses into a list of room key holders.

7. Chat

A chat feature is something I always look for in a digit tool. Although there are other chat tools we could use, it's important that all users have the same opportunities to communicate.

8. Use the App

The app works great. I actually used it for an interview while looking for a job this summer.

9. Send Invites

As long as the invitee has an Internet connection and a camera and microphone, there shouldn't be much trouble clicking on an invite waiting for them in their inbox.

10. Screen Share

The ability to share your screen is a must for video conferencing. I love the way Google Hangouts works and thought would be similar.

The only difference – and it could be my device (Chromebook) – is that you can't share a tab within the same browser window as the No problem. Just open the tab in a new window to make it available for sceenshare.