Made from Scratch: Google Drawing Versus ThingLink

I got my son excited about pancakes for nothing. We were out of pancake mix – the kind to which you just add water. It was hard to look at him, but that moment didn't last when I realized that we probably had everything we needed to make the pancakes from scratch.

Sometimes planning lessons is like making pancakes. Okay, it has little to do with making pancakes, but you have to wonder why we make copies of worksheets when we have paper that students can use to make graphic organizers or draw their own cartoons.

Technology can be the same way. I've tried so many apps in the last couple of years, and few apps have impressed me as much as the Google Drive suite.

To show you what I mean, below are two embedded images. Click on them. One was made with Google Drawing and the other with ThingLink.

I don't have a problem with ThingLink. It works very well and provides multiple ways to insert content and share finished products. I just think that it's an app that's more of a just-add-water tool than making it from scratch like Google Drawing.

Google Drawing

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