4 Norms for Educators to Consider

I have this crazy idea that rules are boring. Rules are important, but they are often a turn off for people who like to have fun. We can have fun and be productive without hurting anybody, right?

Here are some "norms" for your professional development or just a laugh at the next department meeting. 

1. Norman Schwarzkopf

“We are leaders.”

Being a leader is not about being in charge. It's about being ready to make the right decision regardless of its popularity. Strong leaders believe in the choices they make and empower colleagues to do the same.

2. Norman Rockwell

“We are illustrative.”

Talking is easy. Providing relevant examples that tell a story about how we learn is the key. If we haven't done anything that can be learned through example, we haven't done anything.

3. Norm (from Cheers)

“ … where everyone knows your name.”

People are important. Relating to people is how we show that we value their contribution. Every student, teacher, parent, and administrator deserves to be valued for something. Find it, and tell them. Better yet, show them that you value what they do.

4. Norm McDonald

“Have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously.”

Sure, assessments are important. Grades and scholarships are important. But if we act like the experiences that we have together -- the fun, the joy, the sadness, the success -- are not why we do it, we are missing out on the time of our lives. Our kids deserve an education that allows them to enjoy learning. We want our kids to run to school, not away from it.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it.