The Day I Decided to Teach #youredustory

This week, Dallas-Fort Worth saw some cold, icy, snowy weather. Of course, it was an important week for my students, the kind of week's lessons that bring together a lot of hard work. That didn't happen with all the snow days, but the opportunity to try next week is why I get to school as soon as possible every morning.

This week's #YourEduStory Challenge is: What was the defining moment you decided to become a teacher?

I called my friend Dallas to tell him that I was transferring from the college of music to education where I would finish my master's degree. I can still remember where I was standing and what I was looking at when he said it.

"You sound like this is a bad thing, like you're a failure," he said. "If you called me to say you're giving up and driving a garbage truck, I would say that's a terrible idea. You're just taking a turn in life. Go for it."

Although driving a truck is an important profession, it wasn't even close to the goals I set out to accomplish. At the end of the day, my choice to teach high school instead of college was not far off from my dream to work with people and new information everyday. Actually, it worked out great.