Connected Learning #YourEduStory

#YourEduStory topic: What is connected learning and WIIFM?

Connected learning is using digital technology to tailor teaching to the needs of individuals. With all of the tools we have to collect assessment results immediately, we can now support students according to their specific needs. 


In my classroom, we use Quizlet, Plickers, and Google Forms to do formative and summative assessments. These tools allow students and teachers to connect in terms of achievement and feedback. 

We also use Google Classroom, YouTube, and Blogger to communicate. These tools provide a place for comments, which can be a powerful forum for reflecting on learning. 

Building Relationships 

Leveraging the technology effectively, however, cannot be done with fancy information processing, alone. We still have to talk to people. Listen to students, and let them tell you stories that develop a context for using the digital tool.

This week, we have teachers visiting our campus for the Fulbright Korean Teacher Exchange. My role as a mentor is to meet with them once or more a day to reflect on what they've observed and what they've learned. I was engaged by the slide show of pictures and fluent, descriptive commentary one teacher provided.

I told her that her stories were something that people want to hear, which is when I recommended blogging. She stopped by my room at the end of the day, and we set up her account. Immediately, she began getting organized to share photos and what she learned from visiting one of our ESL classrooms.

What is Connected Learning?

That's what is means to be connected. It means building relationships through common bonds, whether goals or needs. It means having conversations that inspire people who can in turn inspire you and a worldwide audience.

What's in it for me? Information. Learning. People.