4 Ways to Make Messy Learning Videos

Teachers have been asking me what I use to make videos. Here's a few tools that I use and some additional resources to get you started. I am still dialing in the video style as well as the quality. Some tools are quicker to produce, while others are better quality. 

1. Google Hangouts On Air 

I use Hangouts On Air for the reflection videos that I e-mail to parents because it's quick and easy. It includes screen sharing and works with my webcam. This allows me to connect as a person while showing the student work in video format. 

The videos are uploaded to my YouTube account where they can be editing as needed. Google does the heavy lifting so I don't have to. The drawback is in quality, but it works for now. I can live with it. 

You'll need your Google+ account activated (if it's not already). For Google Apps For Education (#GAFE), your administrator will need to add you if it's not available. Since it's a social media application, some districts keep a closer eye on Google+.

2. Screencast-O-Matic 

I use this one for instructional videos. The drawback is that it's higher quality so you need a really good microphone. When I get one, I will use this application more often. I'm currently looking at the Blue Snowflake because it's a reasonably priced USB mic, and I know that it picks up the lower mid of my voice better than the stock microphone on my laptop. 


3. Flipagram 

This is my favorite to make videos for instruction because I can do it with my iPhone. It's a slide show video maker that allows you to add text to images and voice recordings. The videos can be uploaded to YouTube with two clicks. What's better than that? 


4. iPad and Justand

The Justand is the red stand that holds my iPad. It has a continuous torque hinge so you can change the angle as needed without loosening or tightening anything. 

I mirror the iPad to the overhead projector so this stand turns the iPad into a document camera. It's great to display student work and project the whiteboard (because I still like using markers). All you have to do is hit record and the explanation becomes a video that can be uploaded to YouTube with two clicks. 

Additional Resources

Please comment on how you make videos or other resources that your want to share. Thanks for reading. I hope this helped.