4 Ways to use the Remind Mobile App

Remind has become my favorite way to communicate with students and parents. It is many times more effective than posting on a social media wall or sending emails because it is no different than receiving a text message.  

1. Send a message to a class or group of three or more students.
You never need the students' phone numbers and yours stays anonymous, as well.

2. Schedule a message.
As a classroom teacher, I value this feature because I may only get ten minutes once a week to put together a series of messages that will support students in their busy lives.   

3. Insert a link or attachment. 
They like the links that I paste in because it means (for those with smart phones) that they are one or two clicks from content. 

4. Tweet the message 
Important messages sometimes receive extra attention through social media. If you have a classroom that already uses Twitter or Facebook, this option cuts out another step. Just touch the heart in the top right.  

You can also embed a feed of the messages on your website. The feed can be imported by link, so it is easy to put one on a Google Site. 

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