3 Helpful Blog Posts About Using Twitter to Build Your PLN

twitter networking

Twitter can be a useful tool if you're aware of the possibilities. Educators are some of the best users to observe and learn from to become more connected with the most relevant information and resources.

1. How to Use Twitter to Grow Your PLN 


Betty Ray addresses initial setup and some pro tips on how to get a lot out of your experience, while being sensitive to less tech savvy learners.
"Twitter is a powerful tool, but it can be a little confusing."  

2. Using Twitter to Build Your PLN


Kathleen Morris likens Twitter PLN to a virtual staff room.
"It is a place where I can find advice, give advice, find great links, share my work and engage in general musings about education."

3. How to Get More Out of Your PLN Using Twitter 


Denise Scavitto explains hashtags for beginners / intermediate, chats, and curating.
"I quickly skim the titles and hashtags and decide what to mark and retweet and follow up on."