I'll Show You Mine

A post on my classroom wall says, "Culture is ... embodied in the social and material world ... shifting and changing ... what gives us the sense of who we are and where we belong ... one of the principal means by which identities are formed ... shared meaning people use to make sense of the world."

If, as a learning culture, we are to change the embodiment of instruction, there is no better place to start than the desired outcomes. Everyone can agree on that part. The issue rears its ugliness when the culture change brings in to question old methods that employ point-penalty consequences to teach responsibility.

Almost at the end of year two of a long journey of changes in grading practices, instructional design, and PLC practice, the thing that is most apparent to me is the importance that the message of the following poster conveys.

Show me It's important to talk about stuff, but it's powerful when people can see it. 
Help me Ask yourself, "Am I helping someone, or am I doing it for them?"
Let me People need time to catch on things and produce results. Let them have it. 

Let the sharing begin.