Minute Slides

It's the end of another semester and my efforts to write the most effective assessment have converged to make the one I'm about to share.


This assessment is for a world history class, Post-Classical unit. The goal was to assess inferencing skills and general content recall through image / document analysis.

Students ...

  1. Viewed 21 slides, each slide for one minute.
  2. Wrote 1-4 words (no more) for each slide.
  3. Made inferences about each slide by accessing prior knowledge about the explicit slide content. 

Teacher ...

  1. Marked each slide on a scaled rubric. 0-4, 3 identifies explicit content, 4 makes inferences.
  2. Add up marks (total of 84).
  3. Scored on a scale, placing 84 = 100, 42 = 70 (because in Texas, 70 and above is passing). This gives students an equal opportunity to pass or fail without inputting numbers that compromise accuracy and confidence in reported summary grades. 
The logic behind the scoring scale is to give students an equal opportunity to pass and fail. The standard is already raised in the scaled rubric used to mark each (3 = 90 or meeting expectation, 4 = exceeding).

More to come on how I mark with rubrics and scale scores to report grades that are accurate and provide general and specific feedback.